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Mission Statement

Our Vision

To see all immigrants taking part in civic life and living as an integral part of British society because they believe their voices matter.

Our Mission

New citizens Voice (NCV) seeks to elevate the status and visibility of immigrants and enable them to be equal players in the UK's socioeconomic, political, educational and cultural development.

Our Aims

We work with individuals and community groups in five key areas:

  • Provision of civic education and supporting political engagement.
  • Education on rights and responsibilities as UK citizens.
  • Promoting English as a common language.
  • Encouraging personal development (self-esteem and confidence).
  • Promoting enterprise and voluntary work.


Our Activities
  • Focus Groups identify issues facing migrants living in the UK today, their present needs and hopes for future.
  • Your Voice Matters Workshops for adults are designed to educate migrants and develop their potential. Workshop content is based on our five aims (above) and reflects issues identified in the focus groups.
  • Young Voices Workshops are specially designed for children and young people.
  • Citizenship Tours are guided tours of Parliament for adults, teenagers and children.
  • Personal Development seminars and one-to-one coaching support to increase self-esteem and build confidence.
  • English and Cultural Communications Workshops deliver Everyday English and English culture lessons to help migrants learn conversational English in a creative and fun way.
  • Referral Network. We actively seek agencies that will best reach those currently not accessing services, for example, links with local schools (to reach parents), links with local faith organisations and links with other voluntary sector agencies.
  • Resources. Ongoing research into migrants' issues provided though booklets, face-to-face, email, radio and our website.
  • New Citizens Radio provides a public voice for migrants by encouraging open and lively debate with guest speakers from promimnent public positions.
  • Our Website complements, enhances and extends our audience reach.

Our Impact

Our support makes a difference. Participants report the following:

  • Increased self-esteem and pride in their identity. A sense of being a real part of the wider UK community.
  • Increased willingness to explore British culture and heritage, due to enhanced appreciation for the country that cares for them and their families.
  • Increased cooperation, responsiveness and contentment, due to improved understanding of citizens rights and responsibilities.
  • Increased community participation in and around London, due to reduced fear of (migrants) voicing opinions in public arenas.
  • Increased involvement of migrants in civic roles (School Governors, Councillors, MPs).
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