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Central to the aims of New Citizens Voice is the production of a series of podcasts aimed at helping new British citizens.

Podcasts feature guest speakers from prominent public positions discussing government policy on citizenship and answering questions from listeners calling the show.

The first series begins this summer 2021 and we are committed to attend and meet the needs of new British residents by using the talk show to encourage open and lively debate of issues that affect their lives. We will directly address cultural differences in a positive and enabling way, in an effort to break down boundaries.

New Citizens face problems such as discrimination, poor image and lack of opportunities. The podcasts will spread a positive message to motivate these people to create better lives for themselves and their families. Together with educational and political discussion New Citizens Radio will examine real-life experiences of new citizens; case histories will be both educational and inspirational, showing our audience the valuable contributions new citizens have made to British Society.

We intend to reach out beyond new citizens and into established British communities, extending our audience and linking together existing support and information networks. We fully expect to generate an international audience for the show; there are many people interested in British culture and what life is like in Britain today, from both a cultural and educational perspective. We are uniquely placed to inform and prepare prospective new residents before they arrive in the UK.

New Citizens Radio will be a stepping stone to successful life in Britain.


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