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On August 5th, 2021 NCV recorded the first of a new podcast series, at Morley Radio in North Kensington, London.

The podcasts involved young people talking about their hopes and dreams for a future living in the UK, as first-generation citizens.

Our 5 guests spoke about their future careers and the communities in which they presently live.

At NCV we believe that success and freedom are dependent on being true to ourselves, knowing and accepting who we are, and to live without fear of what others may say. We do not need to compare ourselves with others, but have the courage to follow our dreams.

Each of the participants were given coaching in techniques for developing confidence, public speaking and self-belief before coming to talk in the studio.

Maria Leyva, a very experienced radio broadcaster, led each of the interviews one-to-one. And she explains:

All of the young people responded very well! My purpose was to inspire these children to know the importance of being themselves and what that actually means. I know I have achieved this. I felt myself smiling as each of these wonderful children spoke confidently about how they do not want to be a copy of anyone else and will never give up on their dream.

As you will hear, they each spoke with a clear vision for what they wanted and about where they came from. We hope to follow and support their progress over the coming years and perhaps, in the coming years we could invite them back to speak to us again.

All of our guests were born in the UK and are native British, with parents who have come to the UK from from the following countries: Eiritrea, Jamaica, Tunisia, Morocco and Poland. Their ages were from 8 to 11 years old.

  1. Episode 1: Adam - Airline Pilot

  2. Episode 2: Ella - Pop Singer

  3. Episode 3: Emerald - Veterinarian

  4. Episode 4: Natalie - Athlete, Runner

  5. Episode 5: Martha - Interior Designer & Entrepreneur

Listen to the podcast episodes using the audio players below:

Further episodes to follow as they go live!


We would like to thank Morley Radio and NOVA charity for their support in producing these podcasts.

This autumn we have another podcast series "Your Voice Matters" for adults. Check back in a few weeks for updates.

See more photographs here.


Many thanks to our funders Comic Relief, the National Emergencies Trust and Black Training and Enterprise Group.




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