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New Citizens Voice is a nonprofit organisation founded in 2003. We work to promote civic education and social responsibilities among Britain’s new citizens, who include migrants and refugees with permanent leave to remain in the UK who are eligible to vote. The organisation seeks to encourage the active involvement of non-indigenous citizens in the country’s social, political and economic life.

As new citizens ourselves we are uniquely placed to understand the needs of and engage with new British residents. Our research and experience tells us there is an urgent need for a practical and interactive platform where new citizens can express their hopes and concerns for life in Britain without censorship, and learn about British citizenship through discussion and debate with political, business and community leaders.

Welcome to New Citizens Voice website, we hope you are inspired to become involved or contribute to the development of our project.

NCV Podcasts

New Citizens Voice Podcasts in partnership with Morley Radio are now live! New Citizens Voice talks directly to migrant communities using this popular digital format.

New Citizens Voice podcasts are an interactive and informative platform for discussion of British Citizenship, rights and responsibilities and what it means to live in British society.

The "Young Voices Podcasts" series for under 18s is now complete. The 5-episode series can be heard on Morley Radio and our dedicated page here.

Training and selection for the next series "Your Voice Matters Podcasts" for adults has started and podcasts will be in production in December.

Funding has been provided by the Community Fund.

NCV and Coronavirus

Now restrictions due to Coronavirus have been lifted we are resuming our programme of workshops and Tours of Parliament.

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